E04 electric lounge chair boat

a motorized lounge chair for two,with evertthing you need to enjoy a sunny day on the (not so)high seas

  • Model: E04

When you first look at this floating, boating beauty you might think it's just a floating lounger for two - a luxury lounger albeit. The round lounger comes in almost infinite color combos and features three sun shades shaped like palm leaves that can be positioned in any direction making sure you get the level of shade and privacy you so desire. The boat has two padded lounging sunbeds that make this the perfect lake getaway for you lovebirds looking for a little R&R. These sunbeds can do double duty as they can also be used as a fun slide that helps you effortlessly slip into the water when you need a dip to cool off.


In place of a traditional hull structure, the lounge chair boat is structured more like an open, floatable lounge chair for two, measuring 8.2 x 7.4 ft (2.5 x 2.25 m) and weighing 440 lb (200 kg). It has a polyethylene body built over a fiberglass frame and wraps each passenger in an ergonomic full-body seat that can also serve as a slide, letting one slip into the water on a whim. Handholds help passengers get back on board. The palm tree-inspired, three-panel adjustable shading system provides an escape from the beating sun.

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The boat is equipped with a electric motor and you have the option of getting a 0.5 or a 1-kW motor. With a motor this size we wouldn't recommend challenging the Ski-doo next to you, but it will allow for up to six hours of putting around at a nice leisurely pace. To steer this lounger, you simply use the trackball that is positioned between the two sunbeds. There is an on-board computer that will provide you with information like battery level (so you don't get stranded in the middle of the lake), speed, and motor position.

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Other features that come equipped on this watercraft (and yes, it is considered a watercraft) is a two step ladder at the front that help passengers get back in while you're in the middle of the lake. Where are you going to put your drink while you take that dip? In the provided cup holders of course! No need to lug along that cooler with this lounger either, it comes equipped with a bottle cooler so you'll never have a reason to get back to shore. And, like all other boats these days, this lounger comes with an integrated Bluetooth sound system that features two speakers so you can bump your sweet tunes while you tool around the lake in relaxed luxury.


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Inner packing: PP bag

Outer: Carton